This is a wonderful opportunity to find out more about yourself.  Helping you to expand your own life with greater Freedom. 


You can contact us to book a one to one soul guidance reading.

Skype & Phone

Readings are also available via Skype and phone, Pre-book in advance.

Soul guidance readings

We all carry Karmic patterns, or behavioural patterns, which can be hereditary, meaning that they are either from our parents, family, and our environment, culture or even from our past lives.

When we become aware of these patterns, we see how we react in the same way to certain situations, what triggers them, we create a space of awareness between those reactions and how we respond to them. Thus our old conditioning, fears and pain start to dissolve and freedom emerges from within. 

Each soul is special and unique and has something wonderful to offer to this world.

Let the fragrance of your own heart be like the rose. So light, so pure.

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